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Fibromyalgia, the diagnosis that means very little except to the person living with it. 

What is fibromyalgia?  It is a "garbage pale" diagnosis the describes a persons with inflammation and the pain that goes with it all over the body but for no specific reason that the doctor can determine.  It is often a hopeless diagnosis that offers very little in the way of answers and typically prescribed to a life of pain management.  

There is good news.  In most cases Chiropractic has a lot of offer, particularly through the Activator Method we utilize, and often resolution can be a real possibility.  In most cases, patients have skeletal misalignments "everywhere".  No wonder there is inflammation all over and corresponding pain.  But the inflammation is the response to the cause of the problem and that is why pain management is futile for every getting ahead of this problem.  We can work to put you back together again and as the alignment improves joint by joint it is like putting out one fire after the next and there is not an infinite number of joints there is an end. 

The next step once the joints reach a baseline level stability with proper alignment is to help retrain your muscles to support the proper alignment.  Fibromyalgia almost never starts overnight and so the muscles have been trained to support/compensate for these chronic misalignments and muscle memory is not erased overnight either.  But with targeted simple exercises tailored to your individual needs, we can drastically speed up the learn curve and that is the key to lasting results and the real possibility of resolving this mystery "disease".

Call our office today at 703-689-2300 to schedule an appointment to see if you are a candidate for Success through Chiropractic!