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Fatigue is a broad subject and all possible contributing factors can not be solved through Chiropractic, but quite often many can.  A misaligned skeleton is a burden on your nervous system and the compensating muscles.  This is a 24/7 burden that must be paid attention to and dealt with for as long as it exists.  If your ribcage is misaligned it will restrict your ability to take a full breath, which means a level of oxygen deprivation for as long as that remains an issue.  

Some other common angles is the inability to exercise.  Pretty unmotivating to exercise when every time you try you seem to cause more harm than good due to back pain or knee pain or any other muscle/joint pain.  What if the cause of the joint pain could be treated and made better and get you to a point where exercise is a real option?  What would that do for your energy?  A lot!!!

​It is counterintuitive that when we are tired and understandably do not feel like exercising is the best time to exercise and break the cycle.  Exercise creates chemical reactions in our brain to give us more energy and make our minds sharper.  

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