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Constipation is no joke!

We have had great success with helping people of all ages with constipation.  We have found that diet and fiber are not the primary reason for constipation.  Those factors can make for a harder push through a tube that is locked down but is problem how hard the food is pushing or the fact that the bowel muscles are not relaxing sufficiently to allow waste to pass through?  I guess that is up to each of us to decide but if you could eat the same foods and not be constipated would that reveal the truth. We think so.

The bowels and intestines in general are muscles and they are supposed to contract and relax in a rhythmic fashion to move the food on by while absorbing the nutrients that our body desires and letting the rest pass through as waste. So what controls the muscle function of the intestines?  The nervous system and if the nerves that specifically are responsible for this function are interfered with as a result of spinal misalignment would it be logical to assume that that can be a factor in constipation?  Yep!  

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