Asthma can be a very scary thing to experience, or witness in a loved one. 

There are many possibilities as to the cause of asthma and sometimes there can be multiple contributors.  So how might chiropractic help with asthma?

First, let's look at what asthma is.  It is a restriction on your lungs ability to expand and contract like a balloon and therefore you get less oxygen than your body would prefer, to put it mildly. 

What would cause a restriction of the lungs?  One of the possibilities is that your rib cage is not aligned properly where the ribs attach to your sternum and your spine.  When this occurs your intercostal muscles tighten down to brace the joints compensate for this structural issue.  That contraction turns your rib cage, that is meant to be an expandable shell, into a locked down shell resulting in your lungs not being able to expand as fully as they prefer. 

We have treated this condition on many patients with great results.  However, as I mentioned before, there are many possibilities so an exam would be necessary to screen for this scenario.  If you do have this condition then response time can be often be fairly quick, even for patients that have been dealing with asthma for years.

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