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Depression and anxiety is about as broad a subject as there is and potentially one of the the most impactful on our lives.  I am not going to tell you that getting Chiropractic care will help with any of the external challenges that you may be dealing with.  However, we have had many patients over the years report noticeable change in their level of anxiety improving when their spine is well aligned, in particular the neck.

How could this work?  Well, Chiropractic is primarily focused on a ensuring that the nervous system is not adversely impacted as a result of skeletal misalignment.  A brief anatomy review reveals that our brain stem sticks out of our skull and down into the first 2-3 joints in our neck.  Now imagine the alarms that must go off in our bodies when there is a misalignment in that area and the brain is literally being pressed on 24/7.   This often puts people's systems into various levels of "fight or flight".  That is by definition an anxious state because we are looking for that saber tooth tiger.  For many people it is as simple as get those joints realigned and relieving that pressure and allowing the nervous system to then calm down.  The most common daily life impact is insomnia and that is trouble getting to sleep and/or staying asleep.  But also several patients had panic attacks resolve also.  

The group that have experienced resolution tended to have average or above average happiness in their life in general, meaning there was not a major level of ongoing stress in their lives in addition to this.  Now for the group that unfortunately is dealing with a higher level of problems, regardless of the specifics, we have found treatment to help them as well.  How?

Imagine having a major source(s) of stress in your life and ALSO not getting a reasonable night's sleep on a regular basis and when you get up in the morning (still tired) your body is physically in fight or flight and that is the temperament that you have to then face the world with.  Now would it not be logically to assume that if you could sleep better and your body to actually achieve a state of calm internally that you might be able to have a better shot at chipping away at the other issues that you are challenged by?  We think so.

Call our office now at 703-689-2300 to schedule a screening to determine if you are a candidate for Success through Chiropractic!