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Many people ask how old do you need to be to see a chiropractor?  The simple answer is the day you are born is perfectly appropriate.

‚ÄčThe other most common question is why would a kid need to be seen by a chiropractor?   The same reason their parents should.  To determine if their nervous system is free and clear to carry out all the functions of growing a human being.  Small misalignments of the skeleton can interfere with our body's ability to function.  There is no more important time to have all systems go than when were are growing.  We will only become a bigger and more enhanced version of ourselves that counts for problems too.  Like most problems the best time to address them is when the problem is small. 

Beyond the general health implications, the most common reasons that parents bring their children in to our office is for immune system challenges.  From a cold or ear infections to the too common story of the 10th round of antibiotics for my four year old and he keeps getting sick anyway.  Our nervous system controls every cell in our body so that includes our immune system. If the nerves are compromised due to a misaligned skeleton then it makes it harder to get well and to stay well.  We can evaluate your child for this possibility.  The treatment is gentle and safe even for a new born.

Call our office at 703-689-2300 to schedule an exam to determine if your child can benefit from Chiropractic care!