Ear Infections

Ear infections hurt!!!

You knew that.  Did you also know that the eustachian tube is a muscle?

It contracts and relaxes just like the other muscles in your body, except it is controlled by the autonomic part of the nervous system that I like to call the "automatic" nervous system because we don't consciously control those functions. (Heartbeat, breathing, etc.)  So what if the nerve that is supposed to tell the ear canal to relax and let the fluid drain is impaired so that the canal won't release and therefore the fluid stays there stagnant and provides a breeding ground for bugs?  You got it!  An ear infection.

Now is this a bug problem or an ear canal problem?  Correct! It is not the bugs' fault just like the mosquitoes in your back yard stagnant pool of water, they are simply opportunists and an opportunity is being provided.  So the problem with antibiotics is that it is like an exterminator coming to your house and spraying the mosquitoes but leaving the stagnant pool of water.  What are the chances of a repeat?  Pretty high.

Now what if the nerve that happens to come from the second joint in the neck is relieved of the interference and all systems are go and the muscle can now relax and allow the ear canal to open and let the fluid drain as the system was designed to do in the first place.  Would that not also relieve the ear infection but even better what is the likelihood of a repeat?  Pretty slim.  We have seen amazing results and often literally overnight.  There is a time and place for antibiotics and at times it is appropriate to take the medication because the infection has gotten so out of hand but by also addressing the actual issue described above it may be the last time it is necessary to do so, and often is.

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