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Let Our Chiropractor In Reston Treat Your Neck Pain Related To Text Neck

If you are experiencing pain in the base of your neck, you may have a condition known as "text neck." As the name implies, your neck is affected as the result of texting or hunching over to use a phone, tablet, or laptop for long periods. If you believe you are suffering from this condition, contact Perron Chiropractic in Reston to make an appointment for an evaluation. Here is some information about text neck so that you understand how it happens, how to avoid it, and what our chiropractor can do to help.

Why Text Neck Happens

When you look downward at a device or book for extended periods, the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the back of the neck tightens and compresses. Every time you tilt your head forward, the weight your neck will have to support doubles. For example, if you look down at a 45-degree angle, you add 49 pounds to the neck. Preventing the pain associated with text neck starts with good ergonomics and chiropractic care.

How to Avoid Text Neck

If you routinely look at your cell phone or a similar device, or if you need to read often, there are a few steps you can take to avoid text neck from occurring. Consider setting an alarm on your phone or watch to alert you when you have to rest your neck for a few minutes. Another idea is to invest in a device or book holder. Prop it up at eye level so that your head does not slump forward while you read the material in front of you. 

What Our Chiropractor Can Do To Help

If you think you are experiencing text neck, a visit to our chiropractor, Dr. Perron, can be beneficial in reducing or eliminating the discomfort you are feeling. Our doctor will conduct a comprehensive exam to determine if your neck pain is caused by this condition. Dr. Perron will ask you questions about your habits and will have you do a few simple tests to check your range of motion. Once confirmed that your pain is due to text neck, we will create a plan that may include the Activator Method, simple exercises, and massage to reduce pain and discomfort, strengthen the muscles in the neck, and improve range of motion.

Don’t Let Technology Leave You in Pain

If you are interested in learning about text neck and how to heal neck pain, contact Perron Chiropractic in Reston to make an appointment with our chiropractor. Reach us at 703-689-2300.


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