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Hemorrhoids and chiropractic?!

Yep!  We understand that it seems an odd connection but after over 20 years of practice it is amazing how many people that have resolved their hemorrhoids, and typically quickly, with a simple adjustment to the Coccyx (the tip of your tailbone).  It is non-invasive and we will even take you at your word that the hemorrhoids exist! :)

There is literally one joint that we have found to have a connection to hemorrhoids and with a brief evaluation of your alignment it can be determined if that is the case for you.  Based on past experience your odds are excellent that we can help by realigning your coccyx.  The reality is that we don't treat hemorrhoids, we treat misalignments in your skeleton that interfere with appropriate body function.  Hemorrhoids are a result of excessive pressure on the blood vessels in the anal area.  Well what is the source of the excessive pressure?  Exactly!  Typically we have found it to be the tip of the tailbone (coccyx).  Realign the tailbone and the excessive pressure no longer exists and the blood vessels can get back to working properly as well.

Call our office today at 703-689-2300 to schedule an evaluation to determine if you qualify for Success through Chiropractic!