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As anyone who deals with this knows, bedwetting is not just a mess to deal with in the morning.  The emotional toll is often the biggest impact.  

So what kind of impact have I seen with chiropractic treatment have on bedwetting?

To be completely honest... mixed.  I have had many patients report an overnight miracle, literally.  And others not so much.  As with many challenges there can often be several contributing factors.  The one that we can evaluate and address, if present, is a misalignment of the pelvic bones.  This is where the nerves and muscles responsible for bladder control reside and therefore if the nerves and muscles are being interfered with as a result of a misalignment of the bones the effect can be bladder control issues.  We are not working on bladder control, we ARE working on the systems responsible for the function of bladder control.  The screening is fairly quick and straightforward to determine if you have the misalignment pattern that is found to impact bladder control.  

Give the office a call at 703-689-2300 to schedule an exam to see if you have the potential to be helped by Chiropractic!