Auto Accidents

Car accidents!  Who has time for it and all that goes with it?!

Have to get the car fixed, have to figure things out with insurance companies...

The truth is that the impact on YOU physically is likely to have the most lasting effect.  Studies have shown that impacts even under 5 mph can cause injury to people in the car.  We have also seen patients, although the exception, be in fairly severe accidents and not suffer extensive injuries.  The truth is that you just don't know and going only by how you feel can be a bit deceptive.  We have technology and tests to determine not just whether you are injured but how bad.  This technology makes dealing with insurance adjusters much simpler since it is proof of your injuries.

More importantly, is you!  

Chiropractic care will help you to get better faster and is just as important to help to insure that you heal correctly.  When we get injured it is like our muscles and ligaments are wet cement and typically several bones are misaligned in the process.  Your body healing is like the cement drying.  The "cement" is going to dry no matter where your bones are located.  Wouldn't it make sense to make sure that your bones are in the right positions during this solidifying process?  This is the healing right to decrease the potential of your injuries haunting you into the future.

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  • "I have been receiving excellent treatment from Dr. Perron and his staff since they first opened. I highly recommend him to treat any issue you may have. He's great!!"
    Judy S.