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Concussions are a better known and appreciated issue than ever before.  There is the actual trauma to the brain, that needs time to heal and calm but there is also the trauma that caused it.  A quick look at our anatomy shows that our skull is a meant to be a protective shield to our brain.  A concussion occurs with he heads is shaken violently enough to cause the brain to experience the effect of a baby rattle.  With that in mind, what are the chances that the plates of the head and the vertebrae in the neck landed in their ideal position following the same incident?  Correct.  About none.

That is what we work on.  As long as the bones surrounding the brain are misaligned the irritation on the brain continues. On a lesser level than the initial trauma but often more than enough to keep the "party" going.  We have seen countless patients with old concussions and acute concussions and have been able to help tremendously with their recovery.  

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