“It’s like coming to a family member.”

My name is Tom and I came to Dr. Perron because I had chronic back problems for a very long time. When my back was bad it could last for over a week. Sometimes I couldn’t even stand. The back exercises my orthopedist gave me weren’t working and I needed to find a solution. I had never been to a chiropractor, but my wife encouraged me to come because we knew a couple that went to Perron Chiropractic. It was a gradual improvement while coming to Dr. Perron, but I am now in a good place. If my back is bad, I can come get adjusted and my healing process is cut in half. I have gained the reassurance that if I stay on the plan I know my back is going to be okay. In fact, it has been over a year since I have had any issues. He has also cleared my sinuses and works on my golf elbow.

My visits are pleasant, very quick and getting adjusted feels good. I really feel that Dr. Perron cares about me. In fact it’s like coming to a family member, and I can tell they work hard to create that environment. My friends and family have nothing but good things to say about me coming here. Yes, I have talked to people about Dr. Perron and would recommend him in a heartbeat.

Tom Waite

“It’s just easy!”

Before I started seeing Dr. Perron, my husband came to him for his back, which kept him off the surgeon’s table. I am Janet and I decided to come for maintenance. But before I knew it, I was bringing in my sons for things like ear infections and growth pains. I have three boys that get massive growth spurts and I know that Dr. Perron is able to help get them through the pain. I even think my youngest saw Dr. Perron before his pediatrician. I usually call Dr. Perron before my general practitioner when something is “out of whack”. My parents have also started getting adjusted at Perron Chiropractic. It’s just easy to come here. It’s a phone call, “Can you fix me?” and, usually, he can! And when you get there you don’t have to sit in a waiting room forever.

Seeing Dr. Perron has been so helpful by making me more aware of issues like my posture and not putting my body in compromising positions. Anytime I hear someone complaining I tell them they really need to see my chiropractor. He is very intuitive of my friends and family’s needs and I will always give him glowing recommendations.

Janet Snellbaker

“There were so many things I had stopped doing.”

My name is Crystel and I finally decided to see Dr. Perron when I realized how much of my life I was accommodating, because of my back. There were so many things I had stopped doing, not even thinking about it, because my back had hurt for well over a decade. This really impacted my day-to-day activities. I was in pain even lying in bed. I quit taking long car rides. My mom was the one who told me to go to a chiropractor, and I am glad she did. It took a few months of regular adjustments before I felt completely better. But now, because of Dr. Perron, I don’t think anything of hopping in the car for a road trip. He also has helped me with my stomach issues. I didn’t know he could fix that! Dr. Perron also adjusts me for my headaches and wrists, which become painful from work.


“I have no restrictions on my life!”

My name is Carla and I have been coming to Perron Chiropractic for over seven years. I sought out Dr. Perron because I was an advocate of the Activator Method. I initially became a patient for basic “maintenance” but received so much more. I was born with a chronic condition and had explored many avenues to find a viable treatment for my issues. Dr. Perron was able to get to the base of my problems and help me through a very tough year of chronic pain. Under the care of Dr. Perron and a regime of physical activity I was able to take my life to a whole new level of living. I can say with confidence today that I have no restrictions on my life! I never dreamt that I would find enough relief from my chronic pain to drive long distances or not have to use pain medication.

In fact I am currently enjoying hiking, dance classes, swimming, and I am back to working out at the gym. In general I am much more positive about my health! What I like most about being a patient at Perron Chiropractic is I feel if anything happened to me I could just walk in and get the care I required. I also like the feeling of always being able to talk to Dr. Perron whenever I need. My friends have noticed that I am able to do so much more and I often tell them about Dr. Perron and the Activator Method.

Carla Brown

“The one thing I do for my health that is consistently gratifying.”

I found Perron Chiropractic by pure luck! My name is Kira and Dr. Perron is the only chiropractor that has ever fixed me. Every night for almost three years I would wake up multiple times with pain in my right leg and never got the rest I needed. To everyone else I appeared well, but the lack of sleep really took a toll on my health. When I decided to find a chiropractor, I randomly picked out of the phone book and made an appointment with Dr. Perron. The first time he adjusted me I instantly felt a cooling sensation down my right leg, which was blood flowing for the first time in years! Before, my leg was constantly numb. Dr. Perron helps me with other issues like headaches, digestion, knee pain and pregnancy.

I have referred many people to Dr. Perron and they all say the same positive things. In addition, I love the office staff, their friendly faces and the way they remember my name. Overall my experience with Perron Chiropractic is great. It’s the one thing I do for my health that is consistently gratifying!

Kira Mayrides

“This is the way I am taking care of myself.”

When I came to Perron Chiropractic, I was terrified! My name is Shelley and in my line of work at the hospital, I see a lot of injury and this has made me very cautious. But I was in a lot of pain for years and getting no real answers from my regular doctor. My neck was so stiff that I could not turn my head to the right. I was also worried about my hips because they were hurting and I am too young to have hip pain! My mother had a hip replacement and I did not want to follow in her footsteps. After my first visit with Dr. Perron I had an immediate change in my walk. I didn’t even realize, until he fixed me, I had been walking around with a limp. My husband even said I was not limping like my mother anymore! My neck took longer, but now I have twice the mobility.

I still come to Dr. Perron because I feel physically better with regular adjustments and am more in tune with my body. I don’t go to a regular MD anymore because I feel like this is the way I am taking care of myself. I have had unanticipated benefits of getting relief from my asthma and sinuses as well. I breathe better and my chest cavity feels more opened. But the best thing about Dr. Perron’s office is the extreme flexibility with scheduling. I am a commuter, and I never know what the traffic is going to be like. I have never once been told “No, we cannot see you right now”, if I am late or early. I also appreciate the time he takes to explain something when I do not completely understand. I am a nurse, which not only makes me the worst patient ever, but not very trusting. However, I actually talk to people about coming to see Dr. Perron, and often they already know of him.

Shelley Rizzo

“There is an aspect of motivation that I get, because Dr. Perron is so supportive.”

My name is Carol and I may be sweet, but I have a mean upper cut, thanks in part to Dr. Perron! I went to Perron Chiropractic because I had fallen off being healthy and needed a “sanity check” to make sure I was on the right track, to being aligned and well. I already had similar health beliefs and really liked his minimalist approach to chiropractic care. During this time I had been hunching over, studying, and this caused me to have extremely tight rhomboids. With the help from Dr. Perron and physical therapy, my rhomboid problem was a thing of the past. I also had ongoing, lower back issues for thirty years and that pain was gone after a few weeks with Dr. Perron.

Currently, I am still on that track to health. Not too long ago, I decided to take up boxing and my friends were very amused by this. Carol boxing? Yeah right! But I have worked hard to prove them all wrong! And Dr. Perron was there to make sure I could. He was very encouraging and supportive of my efforts. He was even forthcoming when he thought I should hold back for a bit when my shoulder was tight. This prevented my shoulder from getting worse so that I could continue on my path to boxing greatness!

Carol Steele

“Golf is much more fun now!”

I am Larry and I have had weak ankles for what seems like forever. So after I had left-knee surgery, and my leg was in the right position, my walk changed and I found my right ankle was hurting like crazy. Before, as long as I didn’t step wrong, I would be fine. After surgery that all changed and it got to the point where I could not walk. My daughter had talked about Dr. Perron for a long time and had told me to go. I finally decided to take her advice. After just my first adjustment I could walk and even some of the pain was gone. In two weeks it was fine. Golf is all I do and it is much more fun now because I can walk to the green without limping and swing my club without worrying that I am going to hurt myself. Dr. Perron also takes care of my back and knee, which is still sore but has gotten better.

My favorite thing about coming to Dr. Perron is how I feel when I leave his office. My friends and family just have big ole’ smiles on their faces and can’t believe how much better I am, because they know how much pain I was in before. They are happy for me and so am I.

Larry Uribe

“I feel better because I feel better.”

I’m Marie and before I came to Dr. Perron, my body felt broken down! My back was in pain all of the time and I could barely walk. An orthopedist sent me to physical therapy, which made me ten times worse! At the time, I also had basal joint arthritis and had surgery on my thumb. The down time after my surgery exacerbated my back problem as well. So I went to a cranial sacral therapist, where they told me my sacrum was twisted and suggested I find a chiropractor. I then started coming to Perron Chiropractic and, at first, I couldn’t even get on or off the table without assistance. My improvement was gradual, taking over a month, but he was able to get me back to the way I was.

Marie Potter

“We all call him the Miracle Doctor”

My name is Darcie, and I limped into Dr. Perron’s office the first time I ever came. I had been overseas for weeks with such horrible back pain. I was getting three massages a week, just to keep me somewhat walking. When I came back to the States I knew I needed to find someone who could help me with my problem. However, I didn’t want to go to someone who was just going to give me some pills and send me on my way. I had made my spouse go to a chiropractor for years, but was always weary, myself, about getting my neck “flipped”. I decided to go, despite my reservations. By the time I walked back out the door I felt so much better I couldn’t even believe it. Since my first visit I have learned a lot about my own body and that I can benefit from chiropractic care way more than I thought.

To me it’s like going to a buffet because there are so many options! Dr. Perron really got me into Pilates and helped me realize the best workout options, for a petite person like me, are not most gym machines. I have a confidence in Dr. Perron that makes coming here easy. I have brought my entire family to see him, even members who live out of town. Now, when they come to visit, they ask me to make them an appointment with Dr. Perron. And I know I am not the only one who feels this way. I have a ton of friends that come to Dr. Perron and we all call him the Miracle Doctor! It is great to know that generally, because of his care, I can do anything.

Darcie Davis

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