Back Pain

Back pain!  The #1 reason people visit the doctor.  Ouch!!!

Chiropractic has been shown in numerous studies to be highly effective for treating back pain with the highest level of patient satisfaction, when compared to medication and other medical approaches. 


First, most people are savvy enough to know that medication is for numbing symptoms for relief alone but it does little for the long term, except for the potential impact on the liver if medication becomes a long term approach to coping with back pain.  That is not to say that some medication in the short term might not be a bad idea while also addressing the problem.  No one needs to be a martyr.  

The most common cause of back pain is misalignment in the skeleton that places strain on the muscles and causes the nerves to sound the alarm.  Note that the muscles and nerves are NOT the CAUSE of the problem but they are the source of the pain.  It is simply how our body is designed to send signals of trouble.  This is why the muscles are typically the target for medication and even physical therapy.  And it would be true, except that they are the effect, not the cause.  Patients are always amazed at how the muscles naturally just stop "yelling" when the alignment is addressed.  Targeting the muscles is akin to targeting your fire alarm that is sounding off, as opposed to addressing the actual fire.  We address the cause of your problem for not just pain relief but for resolution.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have been receiving excellent treatment from Dr. Perron and his staff since they first opened. I highly recommend him to treat any issue you may have. He's great!!"
    Judy S.